The Idea

Everybody can imagine the sound while walking through a forest or how it sounds to work in a harbour. But how does it sound to be on the International Space Station? The musician Jacob Przemus tries to capture this fascinating and unique atmosphere 400 km above the earth with real ISS-Sounds/ -Recordings of the canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and several percussion instruments. In order to create a special concert experience this performance will take place in a planetarium and point out this exciting area of tension between percussive sounds and the most breathtaking workspace in our solar system.

Why Percussion?

There are not many instruments that offer such a great variety of sounds and tones and covers a wide range of dynamics. From filigree and soft to rhythmically and loud everything can happen. There’s no instrument to express this contrast between silence and machine noise, between monotony and variety than percussion instruments.

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About me – Jacob Przemus

Jacob Przemus was born in Rostock in 1985 and studied drums and percussion at the local University of Music and Drama there. During his studies, he primarily focussed on the rhythms and music of a number of highly diverse cultures, played in numerous world music, jazz and pop ensembles and participated in various CD, radio and TV productions.
In addition to his duties teaching workshops and as a drum teacher at the Carl Orff World Music School in Rostock, he plays in several different bands and projects.